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Experience a holistic, customized golf training philosophy tailored to the way you learn.

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How BE Golf Was Born

Ben Bockin and Chad Elledge became friends when they met at Meadowbrook Country Club in 2013.  They were both coaching golf and kept bumping into each other at different golf seminars and continuing education events. They learned they shared a passion for golf, self-education, and personal development. As time went on, they realized their coaching philosophies were perfectly aligned and different from the standard 'find faults and prescribe fixes' approach that is commonplace in the golf industry.

The Early Years

After accumulating a combined teaching experience of 10 years at Western C.C. and 11 years at Meadowbrook C.C., Ben and Chad embarked on a daring venture - starting their own coaching program. In 2016, they joined forces to create a truly unique approach. Initially, they set up their coaching sessions in Ben's father-in-law's business, EW Kitchens. The success of their coaching methods led to a rapid expansion, necessitating the search for a dedicated space. In the fall of 2018, they proudly inaugurated The Golf Leadership Academy in Farmington Hills, MI. This academy aimed to instill leadership qualities in children through golf, with coaching delivered in group settings.

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Refining & Rebranding

In the spring of 2020, their plans took an unexpected turn when COVID disrupted everything. Team training became impossible, leading them to relocate to a smaller facility in Novi, MI, just 2 miles away. Despite the challenges, they persevered, refining their coaching approach and process. This journey of continuous improvement ultimately led to the birth of BE Golf, a coaching program that caters to beginners and average golfers. BE Golf is the culmination of their 20+ years of coaching experience, offering a unique approach that helps golfers gain clarity, comfort, and confidence in the simplest way possible.


The name "BE Golf" derives from Bockin/Elledge golf, representing their personal touch and expertise.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.

— Aristotle

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Our Instructors

At BE Golf, our instructors are dedicated to helping you improve your golf game through a holistic, customized training philosophy. We'll help you gain more confidence, comfort, and clarity in your golf game 

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