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The SpeedBomber is a strength, rhythm, and conditioning tool. Through experimentation we found it actually works best when swung at less than full speed. In a series of three or four sets, you should start at about 50% of your maximum speed and work up to about 85-90%. The intention is always to create more speed out in front, but as it is considerably heavier than a JetStick, you cannot easily swing it at full speed. Instead, rely on it to develop a flowing rhythm and to build strength all along the swing path, but most especially at the top of the backswing and the finish of the swing.

Another great feature of the SpeedBomber is that it’s impossible to swing it on a poor path. Because of the way the tool is weighted, and flexes, it will automatically slot you on a path of least resistance. Measure your speed progress and learn how your body is moving to create this new speed on Sportsbox 3D Practice. Each Speedbomber comes with 1 free month of 3D Practice!

SpeedBomber Bat

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